Company History

50 years of LICO !

It's a good reason to introduce the oldest electronic trading enterprise of Austria from another point of view. The company Lipschitz was established as early as in 1947 as a single venture. In 1956, the two gentlemen, Mr. Lipschitz and Mr. Eder transformed this single company to the LIPSCHITZ & Co. Ltd. the deed of which indicated clearly that - among other things - a table-standard (!) and a typewriter were apported to the new company.

The enterprise started with the selling of adhesives for ski production, then it became the exclusive representative of Multicore Solders, by the way the first and oldest representation of the company abroad, now, the company stands firmly and permanently as market leader and trend setter since almost 50 years; its way led then directly to the electronics.

The years were passing by. Mr. Eder retired, Mr. Baer joined the company and Mr. Lipschitz sold a part of his ownership to Mr. Erdély, who left soon for England to establish a new company, the GEC Ltd. In a little while, the Austrian GEC Ltd. and the Lipschitz & Co. merged.

In 1977, Mr. Erdély was dwelling in England and the family Baer has obtained a significant heritage in the USA, averting the attention of Mr. Baer from the management of the company. This time, Mr. Erdély operated as representative of AKG in England and turned to the owner of AKG in Vienna, commercial counsellor Mr. Pless asking for his help to sell a trading company in Vienna. Commercial counsellor Mr. Pless, who was that time the owner of the companies AKG, Viennaplox and other companies as well and engineer Mr. Erich Synek, MBA (Fontainableau), that time the managing director of the AKG Canada, who was called to help, purchased the shares of the Lipschitz & Co. Ltd. and took over the direction of the company. Under the management of Mr. Synek and as a result of the activity of the sales manager, Mr. Maitner, the company witnessed a dynamic development, to which the representations Bockman and IMO contributed massively as well. In 1989, Mr. Synek changed the name of the company LIPSCHITZ & Co. Ltd. to LICO, created an up to date company logo and had the trade mark protected. In 1990, Mr. Pless died and Mr. Synek purchased his shares. In 1993, as a representative of the new generation, Mr. Helmut Miksch - a former producer of printed circuits - joined the company LICO as co-owner and managing director and he was pleased with the plenty of orders placed to the company Lipschitz & Co. In 1995, the remaining shares were acquired by the Miksch family.

Although the table-standard and the typewriter exist no more, the LICO, as a company preserving conservative values, but at the same time, being a very successful and dynamic company, offers fully automated data processing, desktop publishing, controlling and database systems, etc. for sale instead. In 1995 , the efforts were aimed at the standard ISO 9000 and in July 1996 the certification became a reality.

In the 48th year of its existence, in 1995, first time in the history of the company, the Master Shop of LICO succeeded in presenting an own product, the standard-conform and optically unique magnifier-lamp of 190 mm lens-diameter, a LICO-novelty sold all over the European Union and Eastern-Europe. The first successes were expressively impressive, what allows a positive development to suppose. Export-success from Finnland even to Japan is part of the daily business.

In 1995, to demonstrate our intentions to maintain a solid, reliable and long-term partnership with our existing and prospective customers and suppliers, the company LICO Hungaria Kft. with five employees was established. After consequent efforts, the company was able in 4 months to obtain the Break-Even, i.e. with the accreditation of FORD and the grade "Ford Q" requirements.

The EU-year 1995 meant a test run for LICO in the direction of the harder competition. Introducing proper strategic measures, the company was able - to the best satisfaction of the management - to increase significantly and permanently the volume and level of orders and the turnover as well. The year 1996 started with the highest ever volume and level of orders and turnover, an achievement having been outstripped in 1997 again. In 1996, the LICO Kft. started to sell an industrial software-package of own development successfully. In 1997, the production of CA-PRI, the wiring harness production and PCB-Assembly were purchased and integrated. In favour of an untroubled and successful work in the next few years, even decades, we moved into an up to date production unit in Kledering near Vienna of 4500 m² property. To be able to keep pace with the growing production, the LICO Kft. moved into a new office and production building in Érd, near Budapest in february 1998. In January 1999 LICO-tronic Kft was founded with the start-up-investment of an SMD-production-line to round up todays requiremnts for full service. Due to the very fast growth the two existing plants were too small soon and in 1999 another industrial estate was bought to built an even much bigger factory in Erd, Duna street. Production is planned for 2-3 shifts. The factory will be able to employ up to about 250 employees in up to 3 shifts and operates several PTH and SMD-lines.

The today's business activity of the more than 50 employees in 3 companies and 6 lines of profit centres in Kledering/Vienna and Erd & Budapest/Hungary: electronic components, soldering technology and service products, parts for the electronic measuring and process control techniques, data acquisition, transmission and processing systems for gas, water and consumption counters, wiring harnesses and PCB-Assembly including several SMT-lines in antistatic and utmost modern environment.

As a year 2000 committment, we started with QS9000 qualification, which has been now successfully implemented. Certification will be available on request.

We, managers and employees together, would like to say thank you to our honoured customers and suppliers for their long-term-allegiance to us.

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