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ISO 9002-1994 

1. Introduction

LICO GmbH was founded 1956 (1947 as a private business) as industrial rep and distributor supplying goods and services to the electric, electronic and machinery industry The quality standards of our performance have been documented by ISO 9002 in 1996 and have been extended steadily for the benefit of our staff, customers and suppliers.

Our present business activities with a total of about 26 employees - 20 in Kledering/Vienna, 5 in Budapest and one in China - covers 4 departments, which are divided into profit centers.

Automated computering, Desktop Publishing, Controlling, data bases, frequent and up-to-date customer information system are widely used. A newly renovated 50.000 sft plant will support all the activities.

It is of prior importance to maintain a fair partnership to customers, employees, owners and suppliers on a long term basis. Good personal relation with our employees, staff of customers and suppliers is one of our main targets.


2. Quality policy

The corporate target is stated in continuing business and aquisition of profits. This can be only accomplished by having satisfied customers, suppliers, employees and owners, coupled with well founded business success. With our services and efforts we strive to satisfy the needs of customers as well as main suppliers, support their productivity and marketshares positively and give our employees a safe job.

* personal engineering and assistance at standard solutions
* personal assistance, planning and supervision for individual solutions
* Delivering the agreed goods in time, quality and and quantity
* fair pricing, high performance for value and service for the customer
* Identification with the targets of our customers and main suppliers
* Maintainance of our financial stability
* by utilizing products purchased from LICO shall:
a, support our customers with a high advantage of productivity and yield as a
major part of the overall performance
b, support our representations in securing and increasing market shares
and developing new products


3. Corporate goals:

Successfully keeping up the partly decades-old-leading representations by using the continous improving process (KVP), using the well established in- and outside knowledge and efforts, leading and enlarge the deep and positively communication to customers and representations.

The management declares the partnership to customers, representations, employees and owners on a fair and long term.

The management and the staff are fully aware and concious of the responsibility towards to satisfied customers and always bear the importance of this in mind..


4. Principles of Quality:

The management has the following obligations:

* first and foremost to maintain the continuity of the company and secure the posts in
the company and in customer service
* to give the employees guarantee of a secure working environment
* to give the customers and representations the guarantee of competence, success
and durability
* to be always available for customers, representations and staff
* to improve always the qualification and personality of our staff
* to maintain and increase the quality-guarantee of i.e. ISO 9000


The staff has the following obligations:

* to further teamwork and good customer relation through a sense of responsibility
* to realize and carry out satisfactory the customer needs
* to be able to think and act with a view not to detail only but to the project and company development as a whole
* to participate successfully in training and development projects
* to maintain up-to-date economic accounts for customers, representations and management
* to report immediatly in written form any reclamations arising and to cooperate in finding a sufficient and permanent solution for this style of complaint
* to work as well independently as well teamoriented in the KVP process

Vienna, the 21.05.1996, the Management 

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