LICO - Our Own Products:
State-of-the-Art Magnifiers, Superscopes, Overflow-detection, Detect-a-fire-units, Alarmpanels Level-and flow switches radiomodules for utilities, special cabling,

Extra-Large illuminated Magnifiers,

Perfect in every Detail!


Superscope, "The" Microscope with Display

for Temperaturealarm
Alarmpanels for Temperature-switches

Overflow-Detection for Fuel, Water, Hydraulic Liquidis and more.

Alarmpanels for Overflow-Detection

Flowmeters for small volumes



Contacts: Gold on Steel, t extremely reliable and durable, withstands high shock and high vibration 

    Radiomodules, IP65, with watertight connector for Utilities
    Datenleitung für Energiezähler bei EVU´s

Hochzuverlässige und extrem störungsunanfällige Datenleitungen,

paarweise verdrillt, doppelte Schirmung: je paarweise und gesamt.

Farbkodiert oder uni/duo
Connections by Standards! cheap things can be found everywhere!   we produce quality you can count on!

  Ca-Pri (TM), Cable and Print, CA-PRI is a LICO-Trademark aquired 2Q/97